Hi, I am Annie Taylor Chen and I am a plant-based nutritionist, cook, stylist and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I decided to become a vegetarian in 2003, simply because handling meat stressed me out. On my journey of searching for healthy vegetarian food, I discovered that plant-based (aka vegan)food is even better, as it further reduces environmental pollution and make animals freer, not to mention it can be healthier than the dairy and egg alternatives. So in 2010 I decided to go only plant-based. I was very glad that I made the decision and never regretted a single minute.

I love food and love to share food as well. That’s why I wanted to create VeganAnn to share my passion of cooking and baking and to encourage more people to try plant-based dishes for a healthier, eco-friendly, and animal-friendly lifestyle.

Besides VeganAnn, I also run another website Petite&Minimal where I share tips and thoughts on minimal and eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle, for a petite lady. Although many tips are also suitable for all people who share the same goals.

Happy browsing and enjoy!