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three fikas a day keeps diabetes away

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

As many people know, I am fond of fikas. Fika is a Swedish word that denotes the concept of having a coffee …

Sunflower Seeds Paté for blog

Spiced Sunflower Seeds Paté

One thing that I love about Sweden is that there are so many choices of bread, especially the crispy, hard bread. They …

Hummus 0


Hummus is one food that I loved when I first tasted it. It’s a common dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. …

Applesauce 0

Homemade Apple Sauce

If you are a vegan baker, apple sauce is definitely not a strange ingredient. It is often used as a healthy alternative …

french oven fries with spice and herbs0

French Oven Fries

As a child I spent a lot of time in hospital suffering from different ailments. The doctors kept giving me antibiotics which …