Classic Potato Salad

Potato Salad with Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise 0

Last week I went to see the movie The Dark Knight Rises with my friend François. Since he had to work and I insisted on seeing it in IMAX, we had to book the tickets for Saturday morning 9:15am one for good seats, because the evening ones sell out quickly. The movie runs more than two hours, so for a person like me who gets up at 6:00 am, I was sure I would be very hungry during the movie. Unfortunately all they have at the cinema is popcorn and coke, which are pretty unhealthy, so I decided to bring some simple potato salad.

We really enjoyed the movie. Despite the fact that I liked the Dark Knight better, the whole movie echoes a very positive message about being optimistic in the face of darkness and evil. François was sad because Batman has to give up so much and makes so much personal sacrifice, but I think he chooses that way purposefully because he knows it is his mission. The satisfaction he receives from fulfilling his role outweighs the sacrifices he is forced to make. Perhaps heroes become heroes because they are strong enough to follow the inner voice that guides them. I admire people who have the courage to take the road less traveled because they believe it leads to goodness and justice, even though it’s paved with darkness. : )

And I am so glad that I brought my salad, because I doubt I would have enjoyed the movie as thoroughly on an empty stomach. ;-) By the way, I also made the vegan mayonnaise to go with it, and I will share the recipe with you too. In China you have to make everything from scratch, as vegan products aren’t widely available. It takes some work, but it’s fresher and ultimately better for you, as you don’t need to put in any preservatives to prolong its shelf life.

Potato Salad with Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise 1

Health Index: ⅘ (4 to 5 times a week)
Kitchen Gadgets: Pot and Steamer

2 large potatoes
3 celery stalks
½ red pepper
½ green pepper
3 tbsp homemade vegan mayonnaise
freshly ground black pepper to taste

1. Scrub the potatoes, don’t peel, cube them and steam for 10 minutes, set aside to cool.
2. Chop peppers and celery into really fine cubes; add to the potatoes.
3. Add the vegan mayonnaise, mix well. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper, Enjoy!

Vegan Mayonnaise

Health Index: ⅘ (4 to 5 times a week)
Kitchen Gadgets: Food Processor or Blender

350g silken tofu
2 tbsp sea salt
3 tbsp sugar
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
½ cup canola oil

1. Add everything except canola oil into the food processor, then process until smooth.
2. Add the oil through tube gradually while continuing blending until everything is well incorporated.
This will keep in the fridge for a week or two, and in case something the oil separates, stir it well before serving. ;-)