Gold Coast Broadbeach – Feed the Earthlings

Even we stayed in Surfer’s Paradise and Govinda’s was just downstairs, we decided to venture south a bit for something new. So one day we hopped on the tram and headed to Broadbeach and we planned to go back along the beach in the afternoon.

Gold Coast Broadbeach - Feed the Earthlings 1

Feed the Earthlings is a fast food joint with a few tables and chairs in a small room decorated in orange color with hand written blackboards (the chalks are on the table so you can write your messages). They’re right cross the street after you get off the tram, so it’s very convenient to reach.

Gold Coast Broadbeach - Feed the Earthlings 2

The menu serves burgers, pizzas and some smaller side dishes, which could be prepared and served quickly. Of course as the name indicated, everything is vegan here. We ordered the cheese burger, which is said to be the most popular, and another plain burger. The buns were a bit airy, and the size of the burgers were well shaped so it’s easy to bite into. The cheese didn’t melt as the convential non-vegan counterpart but the taste was quite authentic. Both burgers tasted quite good although Honey thought the cheese burger is better than the plain one. I was a bit disappointed to see the ordinary ice berg salad leaf used here though. The fries were too soft, which I don’t quite like.

As a whole I think it’s nice to have vegan fast food option here in Gold Coast. If you are running out of time or are eager to grab something to eat at the beach, you can come here to get those quickly.

Address: 6/2723 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5679 3183