Gold Coast Surfer’s Paradise – Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Surfers Paradise - Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant 1

Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant is located in popular cities all around the world, and one of the most famous surfing beaches in Australia is no exception. You can find it close to the center of the region, a few steps from the beach, and also fairly close to the famous Q1 building where you get awesome view of Surfer’s Paradise.

Surfers Paradise - Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant 2

Surfers Paradise - Govindas Vegetarian Restaurant 3

The decoration is colorful, Indian and kitsch. One side of the wall has glass, the other hangs two Indian god artwork. The Govinda’s here caters 100% vegan Indian and fusion cuisine, although for some reasons (perhaps related with their belief and practice? I am not sure) the food doesn’t have garlic or onion as ingredients, in my opinion, which make it less tasty. There are self-serving counters with hot dishes, such as dahl, baked pasta with tomato sauce, baked potatoes, pakora, sweet couscous as dessert with vegan coconut butter sauce etc, as well as cold dishes such as quinoa salad, pasta with pesto salad, corn and couscous salad with a few sauces to choose from.

We tried a bit of everything, although the taste tends to a bit mild in everything. The good news (or bad news if you are trying to restrict your calories) is that it’s all-you-can-eat style, so big eaters don’t need to worry about portions. We ate ourselves quite full! By the way they do serve a few mud chocolate cakes, but you have to pay extra to get those. We took one of the peanut chocolate mud cake on Christmas eve, and it was quite delicious! Although it was all about cream and sugar, so I did feel slightly guilty about it… well, we all tend to eat slightly more than we want during holiday, don’t we? ;)

In a word, it’s a nice place for convenient lunch or dinner if you live in Surfer’s Paradise or happen to visit here. It’s all vegan so no need to worry about unwanted ingredients. :)

Address: 3120 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Phone: +61 466 181 495