How to Start Working Out When You Have Never Done That

How to start workout

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering about starting to work out. No matter what reasons you have, congratulations! As the saying goes, when there is a will, there is a way. I am going to share some of my personal stories so you believe that change is possible if you want to.

Before 2012, I have never worked out consistently. Of course, I know it’s good for me but I just never realized that it should be an essential part of my life. One reason is that I got sick very often when I was young, I never developed any interest in any sport as I had too many hospital visits. Another reason is that I was never overweight, so I didn’t put workout as a priority. And I have been eating healthily, so I think it would be good enough. However, gradually as I got older, I realized that diet alone was no longer enough. Even I was still lean generally, I started to store fat around my belly. Perhaps I am a bit vain also (who isn’t?), I start to feel embarrassed and worried about that.

The turning point was when I was involved in a 12 week fitness challenge. I naïvely think that since I ate right, I would quickly got the result I wanted. I was wrong. After three months, trying various programs from yoga to capoeira to Zumba, feeling always sore from practice, I surprisingly maintained my weight and body fat index just the same. For a while, I was frustrated, but it lead me to search for the reasons and opened a door for me to know better about training. After more than one year, I finally start to see some result: I saw my abs for the first time. I never thought I could have that. But I do now. I feel that I can finally share something valid, as I have been there and done that.

1. Start small.
You don’t need to plan big. If you never worked out, it’s likely that you can’t keep up to your plan. Then it’s easy for you get frustrated and just quit. Start small from lighter intensity and less frequency, as you go on, you will gain more confidence, then you can increase the intensity and frequency.

2. Know what suits your personality.
I don’t know about you… you might be shy, or outgoing, you might like hanging out with a group of people, or you might prefer to read a book alone. Workouts include many forms that might make you comfortable or uncomfortable. If you don’t like social activities, you probably feel energy-draining in a group class (especially if you also have limb coordination problem, heehee, I’ve been there ;) ), and if you like group activities you might find running alone is too lonely for you.

3. Try out different things to find what keeps you going.
Many of my girlfriends swear that yoga is the best sport for girls in the world, so I have tried. I tried many times, for some reason it just never grow on me. I know it has a lot of benefits, but I just can’t keep to it. But there are tons of other activities you can do, so don’t stop there, try something else. Work out a list of activities that makes you comfortable, then try them out and rate them. You don’t need to have a great passion for it, as long as you can see yourself doing it again, keep it checked.

4. Once you figure out what to do, have some commitment.
Maybe it’s unrealistic to set a goal as “I will lose 10 kg after 1 month”, or “I will see my abs after 6 weeks”. How about we simply say, let’s keep doing this activity, 3 times a week, and let’s see what happens after 4 weeks? I believe result is always the best motivator, so make sure that you see some of that, even it’s small, instead of making yourself frustrated not meeting your big goal.

Those are some basics to help you start. If you have any suggestion or questions, please feel free to drop a line! :)