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If you’re planning to shop a lot at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, do make sure you know Invita Living Food is opening and you know where to find them. Believe me, having all bags in your hand and feeling terribly hungry will not give you good mood. We didn’t know the market is very large, so we spent a bit time looking for them for a while but failed to locate it, right at the moment of feeling frustrated and giving up, we arrived at their yard, thank goodness!

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We tried falafel wrap, which is falafel, spinach, shredded pumpkin and lime leaf mixed into a tasted wrap. It was pretty good, tasty and price was reasonable.

Melbourne - Invita Living Food 4

Honey ordered something with mozzerella cheese, so unfortunately not vegan, so I didn’t get to taste it. Just a picture to show you what you get when you eat here.

As a whole it’s an inexpensive place to get a quick bite or some drinks if you’re shopping in Queen Victoria Market. The vegan choices might be not very extensive yet, but there might be one or two available at least. In addition, they do seem to have more vegan options for desserts, that’s too bad we didn’t have time to taste any.

Address: Queen Victoria Market Food Court, 76 Therry St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9329 1267
Check their website for opening hours: