Paris – Gentle Gourmet Cafe

Last month we had the pleasure to visit Paris. Paris has been a dream city since I was young. The city is lovely with its charming historical buildings everywhere. Although the weather was bad all the time, we had a nice weekend.

Paris - Gentle Gourmet Cafe 1

When talking about vegan food, France, which is proud of its cream, egg and butter tradition of sauces and exotic games, might be behind the worldly trend, but in recent years it definitely caught up a bit. Gentle Gourmet Cafe is one of the best we’ve tried there so far. It’s located along the canal, on the south of Bastille. The restaurant has modern interior design and nice outside dinning area within the glass house. I love it that way as it feels a bit more “protected” and you can enjoy your food calmly while appreciating a bit street scene. The service is formal and traditional, and all staff speak English well. Lunch/dinner is served by courses, although I had to admit that we haven’t gotten used to this 2-hour-long dining habit in France. People really take time to enjoy food and conversation here. So booking a table in advance is highly recommended (which luckily we did). The food is original, interesting, mild tasting, enriched with local herbs and beautifully presented with edible flowers. It is a bit expensive but I do recommend at least one dinner here for the best high-end vegan dining experience we found in Paris so far, you won’t regret it.

Paris - Gentle Gourmet Cafe 2
Artichoke brunoise marinated in truffle oil on a fennel mousseline, mini sautéed fennel and black sesame. (Warm – Allergens: soy, sesame, celery)
I am not a fan of artichoke, but when it’s presented like this, I can’t say no.

Paris - Gentle Gourmet Cafe 3
White wine, morel, and mushroom risotto, savory, reduced coffee juice.
(Warm – GF – Allergens: soy, celery)
I’ve never had coffee flavored sauce before, so it’s all new for me! Although I am highly sensitive to caffeine I only got to taste a bit of this myself, but M seems to enjoy it.

Paris - Gentle Gourmet Cafe 4
Vegetable Garden
Stuffed tofu leeks and springtime vegetables, kasha with Ras El Hanout spices, black garlic emulsion.
(Warm – GF – Allergens: soy, celery)
I absolutely love the tofu leek rolls!

Paris - Gentle Gourmet Cafe 5
Saint Honoré
Choux filled with passion fruit, whipped coconut sweetness, exotic sauce. (Allergens: wheat, soy, corn)
This is our ultimate favorite! The light cream combined with super crispy choux pastry, you can feel like you’re in heaven, trust me!

ADD: 24 Boulevard de la Bastille
75012 Paris
​Phone: 01 43 43 48 49
do check their website for updated information on opening hours.