Paris – Vegan Folie’s

Vegan Folie’s is located close to where we stayed in Paris , so we made this the last stop for our brief lunch before we headed to the airport.

It’s a rather small and cute restaurant, basically serving simple salads, sandwiches and bakeries. Some narrow bar style table and benches are placed along the wall and window. Noticeable are some cute animal pictures hanging on the wall, reminding people that they can enjoy the delicious food without any animals getting harmed. Although I love the message, I personally think it makes the whole place too much like a vegan outreach stand, rather than a restaurant. Perhaps that’s exactly what the owner tries to do. French cuisine is famous for its cream and butter and their non-vegan bakeries are world-famous and competitive. All that makes it difficult for people to turn away from their well beloved tradition to vegan alternatives.

The rice salad was ok. The rice was a bit too stiff and clumped together, with a few faux chicken bits around. I would wish the salad was more embellished with various vegetables, at least some green leaves and perhaps tomatoes.

Sandwiches were also ok. It’s a bit dry all over. Perhaps some nice sauce would rescue it?

The cream on the cupcake was very tasty but the cake texture was a bit too dry and hard. I am not sure if it’s because it was not very fresh or it was just not well formulated. I would love to eat more fluffy and softer cupcake.

Strawberry cake was nice, sweet and creamy. The bottom was a bit dry as well but with the creamy top it wasn’t too bad.

Overall, it’s not too bad but not amazing either. Maybe the cakes that we didn’t choose happened to taste better. It’s nice to have a vegan option when we were surrounded by delicious bakeries and cafes everywhere yet couldn’t find anything vegan to eat. So if you’re a vegan hungry for some sweet stuff, and you happen to be around the area, hop in for a cup of coffee and cake, and surely you can get your sweet tooth satisfied.

ADD: 53 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris
Phone: 01 43 37 21 89
do check their website for updated information on opening hours.