Pomegranate and Date Protein Shake

Promegranate and Date Protein Shake0

The fall is finally here and pomegranates are freshly available in the fruit stores. In China, we’re taught to suck the juices out of the seeds then spit the stones out. The same with watermelon, and sunflower seeds with shells, the common Chinese snack, and grapes. I just think it’s so gross to spit all the time that is why I always hated eating fish when I was young, because you are supposed to figure out all the tiny little needle-like bones hidden in the fish with your tongue and spit them out. I often ended up swallowing the bones and they gave me an awful hard time by sticking to my throat. >.<

Nowadays we know that seeds contain valuable nutrition, and they’re antioxidants so we should actually eat them. The only thing is that you need to chew them more, and you might not be able to break them all down. This is where the blender comes to your rescue. When I blend the pomegranate, I find it less dreadful to eat, haha. By the way, I also found those fresh dates, they’re not as sweet as medjool, but they’re equally fresh and tasty. I either eat them raw or blend them into smoothies, both are palate pleasing to me. :D

Promegranate and Date Protein Shake mix

Health Index: 5/5 (everyday food, highly recommended)
Kitchen Gadgets: Blender

1 big banana
½ cup pomegranate seeds (1/4 of a big pomegranate)
5 small fresh dates
1 tbsp hemp powder
1 tbsp flax seeds powder
½ cup red grape juice
1 tsp acai powder (optional)

1. Cut the fruit into small pieces and put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. If you don’t have a powerful blender, your pomegranate seeds will remain in your smoothie, but it doesn’t matter, you can have fun drinking a “crunchy” smoothie, hahaha!