Nutrition and Cooking Class

Private Catering

Presenting plant-based nutrition seminar and delicious cooking demo or class on your demand with focused topics. Catering to your private dinner, gathering, wedding, events, tailor-made tasty meals that make everybody happy and help make our planet greener.

Food Styling and Photography


Making your food visually appealing or presenting your food through my lens to seduce the eyes and taste buds. Writing about veganism, food, eco-friendly products and sustainable lifestyle. View my published works here.

Personal Health Coaching

Business Co-operation

Being your very personal health coach that walks you through towards your healthy eating and living goals through diet planning, exercises planning, counseling and supervising. Anybody can change for a better life. ;D Providing advice and consultancy on vegan related business. If you’re a like-minded individual or angel investor with an ambition to establish a business that makes the lives on the earth happier and healthier, as well as making our planet greener and sustainable, please feel free to drop a line.

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