Sydney – DARE

DARE, which stands for Delicious and Responsible Eating, is located right in the heart of The Rocks, an area close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The Rocks Museum and the Sunday Market here. After a whole morning’s walking around those places, we were ready to eat some lunch soon. So we came to DARE as they offer some vegetarian/vegan options.

The restaurant is serving in a ready-to-eat style, food is mostly inside the counter so you can see and order. Then you choose your own table and seats close by.

We ordered some simple salads, falafels and curry. The falafels were unfortunately a bit dry, salads were fresh but the dressing was too scarce so it didn’t taste that much. The curry was ok. The presentation was nice and the portion was big enough. The best part might be that service was quick and it’s nice to eat outdoors when weather wasn’t too hot.

So in a word we weren’t very impressed on the food, at least the vegan option we were having. Though judging from the location, it’s convenient to eat here when you’re touring around.