Sydney – Iku Wholefood

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Iku Wholefood is a macrobiotic vegan food chain in Sydney. They have various locations throughout the town. They use natural, wholesome and non-processed ingredients and cook food in a healthy way.

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The selections include various salads, rice balls, rice rolls and several desserts, many are also gluten-free. Depending on where you eat, it’s either served on a plate, or crammed into a plastic take-away box (not very pretty, but you probably don’t mind if you want something quick for lunch at the busy CBD).

The food is generally tasty and fresh, and I noticed a pervasive pickle and vinegar taste in many stuff I’ve tried, which helps increase your appetite. My favorite were the rice lasagnes, fried rice balls, and noodle salad. The portion can be a little small, so you might need to order a bit extra than simply having a lunch box set.

Check their website for locations and opening hours: