Uppsala – Pizzaköket

Last month we made a lovely weekend trip to Uppsala. It’s a charming old town to the north of Stockholm. It is not a big place so it’s easy to navigate by foot.

When we arrived it was almost past the noon. We were very hungry and would like to eat something quick. Pizza was definitely one of our top options. We found Pizzaköket – literally it means pizza kitchen.

The place is located in a quiet street, not very far from the bus station. Since our next step was to visit the old Uppsala which is now northern suburb of modern Uppsala, choosing this one saved us some walking in the chilly wind as it’s close to the bus station where we could head to our next spot. The restaurant is not very big, simple and clean. Style is a bit mixed and the red brick wall and a bit smoky smell reminded us the pizza in the making.

Probably due to the reason that the owner is from Iran, the menu (at least the vegan one we checked) seems to be mixed of Italian and Iranian cuisine. We ordered two pizzas which were served quite quickly. The crust was not super thin but very crispy and crunchy. Vegan cheese was generally sprinkled over the top.

The touch of pickled jalapeno and marinated soy protein “beef” gave it slightly different taste from the normal Italian pizza we used to eat. The portion was quite generous too, even we tend to be big eaters, we were very full after our lunch.

I do recommend this place as a quick vegan fix in Uppsala. It might not be anything “unique” in Uppsala, but It’s reassuring knowing there is a vegan option when other food adventure fails, heehee.

ADD: Kungsgatan 47, 753 21 Uppsala
Phone: 018-10 22 10
Website: https://www.facebook.com/PizzakoketUppsala/
They don’t have their own functional website, so better inquire by phone or on their facebook for the opening hours.