Yumberry Ice pop and Sorbet

yumberry ice pop

I love berries, they’re such cute tiny little things. Their different shapes and lovely colors make them an ideal decoration on desserts, and they are better for you than butter cream frosting, as I know they not only look good but are also good for your body. Most berries are full of anti-oxidants, helping to fight against free radicals which are one of the causes of ageing. Unfortunately, we don’t have many berries in China. The most common is strawberry, and occasionally, in early summer, I may see mulberries in the market. So I used to just drool over the beautiful pictures I found on the internet of gooseberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. :P

Lately, other fresh berries have started to emerge in markets in Shanghai. Blueberries from Peru are available in normal fruit stores, not just from expensive supermarkets selling imported products. Then I found the yumberry being sold almost everywhere. I have known about yumberries since I was young, but I had only ever tried the dried ones. So I happily bought a big bag of fresh yumberries. The fresh ones tasted much better! Another good thing to know is that yumberry trees have a high tolerance to pests and diseases, so they are often grown organically or with few, if any, pesticides applied. They don’t last for long though, so I decided to make the extra yumberries I had into ice pops and sorbets. I personally prefer a sorbet as it has a higher yumberry content, but if you prefer a lighter taste, you can try the ice pops instead.

yumberry popsicle and sorbet

Health Index: 5/5 (everyday food, highly recommend)
Kitchen Gadgets: Ice pop molds
Serves: 6

2 cups chopped yumberries
2 tsp fresh lime juice
¼ cup sugar syrup (dissolve ⅛ cup sugar in ¼ cup water over a low heat, then cool the syrup)
For ice pops:
6-8 yumberries, chopped to small chunks
1 cup of sugar syrup (dissolve ½ cup sugar in 1 cup water over a low heat, then cool the syrup)

1. Blend all the ingredients.
2. Scoop into ice pop makers, freeze overnight. On the second day, run hot water over the molds to remove the sorbets.
Ice pop:
1. Add the chopped yumberry chunks to the ice pop molds.
2. Fill in the molds with sugar syrup.
3. Freeze overnight. On the second day, run hot water over the molds to remove them.